What is a Title Search and why do I need one when purchasing A Home?

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What is a title search?

A Title Search Is a process of examining documents in public records relating to the legal ownership of a piece of real property.  The title search also uncovers any liens or claims that might be levied against the property.  A title search is similar to having a background check, instead of a person it is done on the subject property.  Usually the search goes back 30 Years but will go back more in certain instances if needed to verify legal ownership of all parties and to identify if there are any judgements, liens or claims attached to the subject property.  Typically in Florida a real estate agent, mortgage broker or lender will contact a Title Insurance company or an attorney to order a title.

 Why do I need a search?

When someone is looking to purchase a property they typically go to a lender to obtain financing, also When a  homeowner is looking to refinance there current property the lender will require a title search. It will  verify Legal ownership of the property and make sure there are no liens or judgments levied against the property. They will require to get clear title to the property, so there are no issues lawsuits etc after lending funds.  The purchasing of property is a very complex transaction and needs to be performed by real estate professionals.   The act of purchasing real property usually requires real estate agents, mortgage brokers or lender, appraisers, surveyors, lien search companies and title companies. KPC Title Agency of Port St Lucie Florida provides the necessary searches. They have over 24 years in the title insurance industry and has an impeccable reputation in Florida. Typically your real estate agent selects a title company for you, however this is not mandatory. You have the right to work with any title company you chose. Make sure you Perform some due diligence when deciding on a title company, They will be working for you to make sure you are obtaining the property free and clear, paying a cheaper price is not always the best option, you want to make sure they are providing all the necessary searches to provide you with clear title and not cutting corners. Contact Them if you are in need of a professional and reliable company to provide a title search.









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